Movies about Vicente de Souza

When the director says 'action', Vicente de Souza stops being a person with his own life and becomes his character. It makes the viewer forget that what he tells us is not really his experience and even, when we see him off the big screen, it is difficult to differentiate what his life really is. This is achieved thanks to dedication and dedication.
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Filmography of Vicente de Souza

The art with which Vicente de Souza operates in front of the cameras is marvelous and the directors he has worked with, such as Emilio McGregor, Sandra Montes, José Juan Franco, José Jamardo, Chema Gagino, appreciate that this talent comes to light at the right moment since it offers the possibility of obtaining some incredible results in just a few shots.

It does not matter if the film in which he acts is of TV series, Drama genre because Vicente de Souza is capable of doing all kinds of jobs thanks to his experience and training.

Movies where he has acted Vicente de Souza