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The mission of an actor or actress is to hook the public through their gestures, words, movements and get us to feel what the character feels. If we could define it in one word, it would be connect. If you've ever connected with Pascual Costafreda (we have), we recommend that you take a look at his entire filmography to regain that empathy with the character and the story.
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Filmography of Pascual Costafreda

All the directors he has worked with Pascual Costafreda have agreed that his talent makes it very easy for them to work and he is a person very committed to his work and that is appreciated. Among those directors are Juan Muñoz, José Mota.

The genres Comedy, Musical, TV series are mastered to perfection by Pascual Costafreda who has spent most of his professional life dedicating himself to making films of these styles.

Movies where he has acted Pascual Costafreda