Movies about Manuel Botana

The experience of an actor or actress is acquired over the years, but the truth is that to get that experience, it is necessary to have a basic talent with which you can start taking your first steps in the world of cinema. Next, we leave you a list of all the films that Manuel Botana has gone through to become a star as it is now.
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Filmography of Manuel Botana

Manuel Botana 's talent when it comes to interpreting is from another world and she always has the roles very prepared. The directors he has worked with (Emilio McGregor, Sandra Montes, José Juan Franco, José Jamardo, Chema Gagino) greatly appreciate all his efforts as this allows the filming to be faster and more satisfying.

Viewers love to see actors who master certain genres to perfection and that's why when we see Manuel Botana acting in films of genres TV series, Drama, we feel very comfortable and entertained since we know that he is going to perform the interpretation of a spectacular way.

Movies where he has acted Manuel Botana