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When the director says 'action', Alicia Cifredo stops being a person with his own life and becomes his character. It makes the viewer forget that what he tells us is not really his experience and even, when we see him off the big screen, it is difficult to differentiate what his life really is. This is achieved thanks to dedication and dedication.
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Filmography of Alicia Cifredo

Alicia Cifredo is a professional and when he plays a role, he tries to fully understand the director's intention in order to convey specific feelings. This can be corroborated by the directors you have worked with as Mapi Laguna, Pablo Ibáñez.

The genres Comedy, TV series are mastered to perfection by Alicia Cifredo who has spent most of his professional life dedicating himself to making films of these styles.

Movies where he has acted Alicia Cifredo